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Produced and created by Juan Ross and Iván Mena-Tinoco

Visuals Director

Iván Mena-Tinoco

About the project

“El de Aristocrazy en la Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid es ya un desfile para la historia de la pasarela madrileña”

“Aristocrazy´s show in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week belongs to the history of Madrid´s fashion”
VOGUE. Article: “Crazy for you!

I directed and co-created 16 minutes of visuals for Aristocrazy, their first Fashion Show for Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Madrid.

Frontal Screen 26×10 meters, 2 perpendicular screens 22×2 meters and a led in the catwalk syncronized with the central projection.

With multiple projectors and syncronized LED screens we created a 270º canvas to surround the audience in a surreal World inspired in the craft and art of Aristocrazy. We created a synchronized choreography between the real elements in the catwalk and the pre-shot images.

For the opening of the show we extended the space of the catwalk in the virtual space that to the eyes of the audience appeared as an endless corridor. A pre-shot model went down a spiral staircase and came towards the audience and in a seamless transition a real model took over the pre-shot one creating the illusion that suddenly we were transported to an alternate reality where space and time were warped. That moment was only the beginning