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About the project

“Inside” was the world’s first 3D billboard . It premiered in the central square of Madrid, Plaza Callao, where more than 5,000 people enjoyed an outdoor Real 3D experience the first day and was awarded Best Commercial at 3D Film Fest Hollywood.

I wrote the script for the almost 4 min film inspired by classic Disney and Pixar animation films to tell a story that takes place between the real world and a whole new world inside a mobile phone inhabited by millions of fun little robots.

For a month we designed every prop, ship, character and device in this friendly retro technological universe. We designed the animatics so every animation and live-action shot would be a perfect 3D cinematic experience, a Real 3D Stereoscopic live-action and animation shortfilm where action, adventure and a love story would take you on a wild ride inside your own mobile phone.